Inspiration University

Inspiration University

Inspiration University was founded in California by Leonard D. Orr in the 1970s. It moved to Augusta County, Virginia in 1994 and is currently located in Waynesboro.

It is a self-improvement university and teaches courses on relevant subjects that are practical and useful to all. Our courses are so valuable that graduates of many universities and professions and walks of life from all over the world come to I.U. to study. I.U. courses teach the missing links that enable people to make their lives more successful in the five basic dimensions of life: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional, economic, and social-political. Each course and training is transformational and practical. I.U. has many courses, trainings, books, videos, and individual consultations, on the five basic dimensions of life. The five greatest ideas of the century are taught at the university in an efficacious way, so that students learn them experientially.

In the spiritual dimension, we offer courses on spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community. Spiritual maturity comes from mastery of the world of spirit, the world of the mind, and the physical universe. The basic idea of spiritual enlightenment is that, energy becomes what it thinks about. Our curriculum is based on the Bible and other great scriptures such as: the Shiva Purana, the Koran, the Ramayana, and others. We also relate, when useful, the best spiritual and personally valuable literature of our day.

In the physical dimension, we offer courses on health, food, fasting, conscious energy breathing, longevity, spiritual purification for weight control, body mastery, childbirth education, and spiritual purification practices that lead to body mastery. Total health and body mastery is a new idea for most people. The idea of physical immortality stimulates a lot of thought and discussion.

In the mental dimension, we have courses on personal law, which is a thought that controls our lives more than any other thought. We teach principles and practices to heal the emotional mind, which seems to take most people 50 to 100 years, if they are actually working on it. We have the cure for zombie consciousness.

We teach skills that heal the stress and tension of everyday life, which may be our biggest challenge.

We teach about how to heal the major sources of human trauma that seem to turn people into zombies, so we can heal ourselves more efficiently. The major sources of human trauma, are birth trauma, the parental disapproval syndrome, the misuse of the human mind, the unconscious death urge, past life memories, school trauma, religion trauma, senility, the denial of the feminine principle, and the world savior syndrome. We teach people how to transform our minds, and to master the mind and body with scientifically composed affirmations, and simple, basic spiritual purification practices that do heal death urge, senility, and all kinds of things. Healing the death urge which we learn from our family tradition is a major degree in real life. The university is not specialized to heal anything in particular, but we give people the tools to heal themselves. What we teach works on all human conditions.

In the economic dimension, we have courses on the four laws of wealth, on being a self-employed entrepreneur, on money mastery, investing, and local economic responsibility, including managing a local money system. We also teach people how to heal career burnout. People from all levels of business, family life, academics, medicine, religion, psychology, and professions come from all over the world to rehabilitate full personal effectiveness and productivity.

In the social area, we have courses on love and loving relationships, parent–child relationships, the easy way to exercise our citizenship responsibility, and neighborhood representation. Our one year seminars are an amazing experience of spiritual community. They are sometimes an extension of Inspiration University and exist all over the world.

Our most popular course is a 9-day training, which is taught all over the world. People from all over the world come to the Inspiration University training center for this training. When we are in session we have courses all day-7 days. This particular course is offered most weeks of the year. We have a three week intensive professional course in holistic healing that some people also attend for personal healing. We have weekends, year long courses, and a one year seminar that meets one day per month. We have an annual conventions for students and graduates. We have too many courses to mention. It is best for most people to start with the 9-day training.

We are always looking for good teachers in all the dimensions as well as students. Work exchanges are available and various kinds of scholarships. The university bookstore has an impressive collection of titles and we publish many of our own textbooks.

Inspiration University
200 Parker Heights Rd., Waynesboro, Virginia 22980
Phone (540) 885-0551
You can mail the founder and president, Leonard Orr, at [email protected]

We look forward to serving you.