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Professional Rebirther Training (3 weeks)
Professional Rebirther Training (3 weeks)
Nov 22 – Nov 23 all-day
Leonard Orr’s 3-Week Professional Rebirther and Spiritual Purification Training.  This includes the 9 Day training, then continues on to take you deep into personal healing while training you to become a professional rebirthing breathworker. Take all or part of the course; be a resident trainee or visit us locally. Read more about what is offered during the training on the ...
Rebirthing Training (9 Days)
Rebirthing Training (9 Days)
Nov 22 – Nov 23 all-day
Join Leonard Orr and RBI Training Center staff for this 9-Day Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification Training.  Trainings include Rebirthing Breathwork sessions, seminars on Self-Improvement, Spiritual Psychology, Prosperity Consciousness, and more; plus sacred days of fasting, silence, and fire purification.  Take all or part of the course; be a resident trainee or visit us locally. See our Training Page for more ...
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11:00 pm Prosperity Consciousness Consultation
Prosperity Consciousness Consultation
Nov 22 @ 11:00 pm – Nov 23 @ 1:00 am
The Prosperity Consciousness Consultation is an excellent, creative and practical tool to help release thoughts of money scarcity and build a prosperity consciousness. Once you have a prosperity consciousness, you carry your prosperity around with you at all times. This seminar aims to dissolve negative core beliefs around money and work. It will help you discover your right work and ...