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    Rebirthing Breathwork Training

    Inspiration University offers a wider range of regularly schedule Rebirthing Breathwork Training Courses.
    Inspiration University, RBI’s home training center, usually offers the ‘9 Day Training’ every week of the year; it is normally a full time training center.
    Leonard D. Orr normally participates as much as the trainees like when he is in Virginia.
    Leonard will be at home, in Virginia from Nov. 15th through January 2014, and many more months in 2014.

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  • Fire Ceremony In Sierraville 2012

    Spiritual Purification Retreat

    When we are on a spiritual journey we become sensitive to the emotional pollution around us and sensitive to the state of wellness in  our bodies. It becomes our responsibility to continually cleanse ourselves so that we can continue progressing rapidly. This holistic detoxification retreat program …

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